Essential Items For The Best Detail Photos

So, you’re wanting dreamy detail photos?? Here are the items you’ll need!

Let me just start this off by saying that this list is NOT required. I will be including all the items you can give your photographer for the best flaylay photos, however that doesn’t mean you have to do ALL of them. In fact, as long as you give them things that are sentimental and/or aesthetic that is preferred!!

My essentials for the best flatlay photos

  • The RINGS (Okay this one is required 😉
  • Ring box (preferable not the one the ring came in, theres a ton of cute options on amazon!)
  • Shoes (both bride and groom)
  • Wedding Stationary (Invitation, save the date, rsvp card, any paper you used!)
  • The bride’s veil
  • Vow Books (You can get these super cheap on amazon and look so much better than your phone at the altar)
  • Something borrowed, blue, old, and new
  • Perfume/Cologne
  • 3-5 flowers from your florist
  • Bride’s Jewelry (necklace, bracelet, earrings)
  • Groom’s watch
  • Groom’s tie pin/cuff links
  • Bride’s hairpiece
  • Any other accessories you love!

Flatlay Examples



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Jess + Col went above and beyond to make my wedding celebration special. From gorgeous pictures, creative visuals, and the ability to capture memories from the day that I’ll now remember forever! This duo helped not only in providing ideas for poses but had us laughing all along the way. 5/5 stars everyday.

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