We serve adventurous, down to earth couples and specialize in a more documentary style approach. We believe that your wedding isn't a photoshoot, instead its the best day of your life. Do whatever makes you and your partner happy and we'll come along for the ride! 




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"something remembered from the past; a recollection."

"something remembered from the past; a recollection."

We are storytellers...

We are SO glad you are here! Getting married is the biggest, most important decision of your life. The second most important decision is who will be capturing your wedding. JK, no but really. You deserve to have these most precious memories preserved so you can cherish them for years to come. 




We're JESS AND COL, a photo and video duo from Salt Lake City, UT.

We got married at the age of 20(Col) and 23(Jess). Young, dumb, and in love I guess! We have a 2 year old Australian Shepherd named Moose and we're obsessed with him. If you're a dog person, we love you. And if not, we still love you but you should consider getting a dog ;) 

Just two lovers capturing other lovers

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For us, these photos aren't just to add to our portfolio. These are YOUR memories, your story, your love. We strive to get to know our couples and document them exactly as they are. You might be asking yourself "But guys, what if I'm awkward in front of the camera?" Don't worry, we've got you! Our goal is to help you feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable and show your personality.

WE LOVE capturing who you are, not just some pretty poses.

Wedding planning got you down?? We've compiled some of our best tips and tricks to planning a sress-free wedding! It also includes sample timelines and vendor referrals. Don't miss out on this one!

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We believe in the one of a kind romance, that deep love story.

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