5 Tips To Having The Best Engagement Session

Hello again!!! Welcome to the Memoria Blog! My name is Jessica Sosa, the face behind the camera and your fav wedding photographer 😉 I am here to share my 5 tips on how to have the best engagement session. Keep reading for all the tea!!!

So you just got engaged… Now what?!?!

First off, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you!! Being engaged is a fun, yet sometimes stressful time of life. But it doesn’t have to be. I’m here to give you some of my best tips for your first step of wedding events – your engagement photos!

Tip #1 – Make sure you LOVE the photographer you choose

The MOST important decision you will be making when it comes to your wedding will be who is capturing it. When all is said and done, the photos are all you have left from that day so it’s crucial that you love your photographer, their style, personality, portfolio, etc. Take your time when choosing, do a lot of research, and make sure that whoever you choose has lots of wedding experience. And don’t forget to invest in a professional! I promise you won’t regret picking them over a family friend.

Tip #2 – Choose a location that speaks to you

Like I said before, these photos are all you’ll have left from your wedding, so just like with your wedding venue, choose a place that reflects your personality or has meaning to you. This could be the place you got engaged, a favorite canyon drive in the mountains with spectacular views, a more urban setting for you city-lovers, or even somewhere as simple as your favorite ice cream shop. Not every engagement session needs to be with a crazy landscape. Choose a place that is not only beautiful but has meaning to you as well.

Tip #3 – Wear at least 2 outfits

Wearing 2 outfits will give your photos more variety! I always recommend starting with a more formal outfit such as a dress/suit then transitioning to more laid back, yet stylish outfits for more playful photos. Here are some examples of a 2-outfit engagement session.

Tip #4 – HAVE FUN

Most, if not all the couples I’ve ever photographer have said to me “I’m so awkward in front of the camera, you’ll have to tell me what to do with my hands” If I could give you any advice on how to end up loving your engagement photos is to go into your session with a “date night mindset”. What I mean by that is that this is just another date night for you guys! There is no pressure to get certain shots, rather you are just enjoying each other’s company in your favorite place. Even if you wanted to do something non-traditional like having a picnic at the beach, I am all for it! I will of course give you prompts to keep the session flowing, but focusing on each other is the best thing you can do!

Tip #5 – Trust your photographer!

There’s a reason you chose your photographer, trust them with these special memories!! As long as you’ve invested in an experienced professional, they will know what they are doing and how to give you the best photos. If they ask you to do a certain pose/prompt you feel is weird, TRUST THEM! I promise the photos will turn out!



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